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Where is Wilder located?

We like to say it’s a little south of the Yaquina Bay bridge and miles past your expectations. It’s the community around Oregon Coast Community College in Newport’s South Beach. We are on the hill above the Oregon Coast Aquarium off Highway 101 about a half mile north of South Beach State Park.

What amenities does the neighborhood have?

Wilder is more about walks in the woods, bicycling, and gathering with neighbors on their front porch  than club-type amenities. The Wilder Corner Building in the village center hosts the Wolf Tree Brewpub and Café. Within Wilder are a disc golf course, a dog park and a playground park with a trail leading to Lincoln County’s Mike Miller Park. Wilder is hiking distance or a short drive from the nearest beach access at South Beach State Park.

Can I build a custom home?

In the past builders have worked with buyers on custom homes. It depends on which lots are available at the time you want to build.

Can I buy a lot?

Generally builders buy the lots and buyers work with the builders. There can be exceptions, depending on which lots are available. Please reach out to us when you’re ready.

What are the construction standards?

The Wilder design guidelines focus on building methods and materials that are considered sustainable construction practices. Additional emphasis is placed on pleasing expressions of fresh “coastal” exteriors. Interiors are designed to bring in light and to create open vistas that allow owners to live large in “not-so-big” spaces.

Are utilities set up?

Yes, the master developer has installed power, water, sanitary sewer and communications and has paved the roads.

What is the pricing for Wilder homes?

Prices vary based on lot and home sizes, finish levels and customization. Check our listings.

Can Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) be built on my lot?

Yes, and we encourage them because they offer options for intergenerational living or making additional income to support mortgage payments.

Does Wilder have a Homeowners Association?

Wilder does have a Homeowners Association. Because there are no common areas in Wilder to maintain (except mailboxes and any future monument signs), the HOA fees are very low. They cover administrative expenses – currently about $6/month. Some homes within Wilder such as the Ellis Street Cottages have their own limited common area and along with it additional fees for expenses like insurance and maintenance.

How can there be no common areas in a planned development like Wilder?

All the streets, sidewalks, rain gardens, parks and the bioswale are owned and maintained by the City of Newport, not the Wilder HOA. Owners whose lots are next to rain gardens maintain the plantings, but not the stormwater drainage structure underneath.

Are vacation rentals allowed?

No, short-term rentals of less than 30 days are not allowed in Wilder since the community is intended to provide housing for people who live and work in Newport. Most houses are occupied full-time.

What is the total number of homes in the community?

The first phase, which is sold out, has 40 lots. The second phase, which is currently under construction, will have 26 lots. There are also currently 28 apartments. About 60 additional homes and 40 additional apartments are contemplated in the part of Wilder that is now in the city limits of Newport.

How do I get a permit to walk or bike on the trails in and around Wilder?

Email an image of your driver’s license to

How do I rent a house or apartment in Wilder?

Contact the private owner directly; the developers of Wilder do not build or own any rental properties. The Harborton Apartments manager is at Horizon Rentals. At times, owners list long-term rentals on Craigslist when there is a vacancy.